Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Equine Humane History is Made

A number of equine rescues and humane organizations joined together on July 27, 2007 in a Conference destined to change the industry. The historic event took place in Washington, DC, where representatives of the Humane Society of the United States, Animal Welfare League, American Horse Defense Fund and nearly 20 equine welfare and rescue organizations met together for the first annual Homes for Horses Conference.

Conference attendees looked at the issues of horse abandonment and neglect and the equine rescue industry. Potential solutions were discussed to counter and/or avoid these issues. The group also discussed the false claims that America will face an unmanageable oversupply of horses once the slaughter of these animals for human consumption abroad is brought to an end. The newly formed coalition will communicate constantly and meet annually to enhance equine protection in the United States.

“These types of meetings are desperately needed to foster a sense of community and a spirit of resource sharing in the equine community”, says Shelley Sawhook, President of the American Horse Defense Fund, “I commend the HSUS and AWI for organizing the event”.

The group selected a working group to look at various issues to unite the equine rescue industry and to explore the issue of self-regulation. “I am excited to see where this event and the working group will take us”, says Sawhook, “I am optimistic that we can overcome any obstacles and ensure the health and safety of all equine if we ban together. This new team approach can do nothing but make the lives of horses better.”

The working group takes its direction and goals from the full coalition with the goal of reaching a consensus within the coalition. The group has already begun to work on the issues before them and anticipate reporting to the coalition soon.

The coalition looks forward to adding members and growing to include any equine rescue organizations interested in joining.

Media Contact:

American Horse Defense Fund, 202-609-8198, Shelley Sawhook,

Seated from left to right: Barbara Geittmann, Hooved Animal Humane Society; J. Kevin Hertell, Caring Fields Animal Sanctuary; Chris Hyde, AWI; Jill Curtis and mom, Shiloh Horse Rescue; Diana Pikulski, Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation; Brenda Hess-McCaskill, Equine and Farm Animal Care; Jen Reid, Best Friends Animal Society; Jacque Schultz, ASPCA

Standing from left to right: Nicholas Dodman, Tufts University and Veterinarians for Equine Welfare, Stacy Segal, HSUS; Shelley Sawhook, American Horse Defense Fund; Jo Deibel, Angel Acres Horse Haven; Karen Brown, United Animal Nations; SusanKelly Thompson, Mylestone Equine Rescue, Peter Bender, Pegasus Foundation; Pennell Hopkins, Pennsylvania SPCA; Keith Dane, HSUS; Jerry Finch, Habitat for Horses; Ereleen Cole, Longmeadow Rescue Ranch; Susan White, US Equine Rescue League; Steve Rei, National Equine Rescue Coalition

Not Pictured: James Newberry, Front Range Equine Rescue

(If I have confused a name or two let me know. I was doing this from memory and may have confused a few folks. In which case I am VERY sorry. Also, I did not get Jill’s mom’s name and it is not printed on any of the materials. Again, sorry.)

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great new group for the horses and Unity is the key word as we are all in this together. Thanks to everyone that helps support our horses in every possible way. God Bless Sincerely Thomas Lee Trevino