Wednesday, August 8, 2007

It's a Boy! It's a Girl!

Recently we told you that AHDF was expecting. Meet our newest arrivals Phoenix and Comet.

Phoenix is a little boy born on August 5th around 5 am. We had hoped to catch the birth on a foal cam to share with everyone, but mom didn't want to be filmed. Sugar was checked at 4:30 and was anxious, but that was nothing new. At 5 am she was checked again and she was delivering. By the time everyone got to the barn little Phoenix was there. Phoenix is a little black Appaloosa colt.

Phoenix's mom is Sugar a nearly 20 year old mare that was saved from slaughter. Sugar came in with 5 other mares that are pregnant and still expecting.

Comet is a little girl from a wonderful mare that we picked up from an owner surrender/neglect case that is very complicated. Comet was born in the pasture of people taking care of horses for an owner who was facing marital/financial problems. Previously 2 other mares had delivered and lost their foals due to the poor conditions. All 5 mares were signed over to AHDF by the owner to have them saved from the bad conditions she had found her horses in. However, it took several trips and legal issues to actually get custody of the horses. In the meantime, Star delivered Comet. Comet was born on July 29th and is an almost exact replica of her momma. Star is a registered Quarter Horse mare.

From the group that Comet and Star come from we are still expecting a foal from one more mare.

If you are interested in sponsoring Phoenix, Comet or any of the pregnant mares visit AHDF's website. If you cannot sponsor a horse consider donating a halter, hay or other needed items on our website.

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