Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Support this Effort

The AHDF supports the following effort by the Fund for Horses. Please take a few minutes to have some fun and have your voice heard on Capital Hill.

Wag the Straw: HR 503 and S 311


Take Action Today Against Horse Slaughter!

Wag a Straw at Congress Asking Them to Swiftly Pass
The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act

You will need:

  1. 3 envelopes;
  2. 3 first class stamps;
  3. 3 signed and completed copies of our Wag the Straw flyer; and
  4. 3 straws


  1. Find who represents you in Washington (1 Representative; 2 Senators);
  2. Address envelopes;
  3. Print, fill out and sign 3 copies of our Wag the Straw Flyer; pdf (please type or print legibly); and
  4. Put a signed and completed flyer with a straw in each envelope, stamp and mail.

If you need to, cut your straws to fit your envelopes. You can leave them covered, or take them out of their wrappers. Staple them to your flyers or just put them loose in the envelopes. Don't have a few straws handy? Use swizzle sticks.

Add impact with handwritten comments on the reverse of the flyer (be sure to check the box on the front showing you have done this).

That's it.

It takes around two weeks for letters to be sorted, cleared through security and delivered to Congressional Offices on the Hill, so start mailing your straws now. Congress reconvenes in a few short weeks.

Spread the Word

For this to have a big impact, we need to send thousands of straws to Congress.

It may sound simple, but they start people talking, and create a buzz.

So, please spread the word. Forward this to at least 10 people you know. Send it to your whole mailing list.

Are you a leader? Get the kids involved. See how many other people you can caught up in this campaign.

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