Friday, October 31, 2008

Time off- What's that?

Congress is not in session and the bills to ban horse slaughter and to restore the protections for our nation's wild horses are not going to be heard until they are reintroduced next session. So, one would think I wouldn't have much to do right now and could take a break. WRONG!

It seems as busy today around AHDF as it does during a Congressional push. Not with the same things, but nothing is ever quiet in the horse welfare world. We are heading into winter the time when horses are most at risk for neglect. The BLM continues to remove horses at an alarming rate, although they have for a short time (because of budget constraints) stopped "emergency" removals. I have worked during holidays, children's birthdays and anniversaries. It is never quiet and people should never forget the issues and that this is the hardest time for all of us, winter. And certainly this downturn in the economy isn't helping at all. Besides, we need to prepare for the next Congressional session so we are at our most effective so we can finally see our bills passed.

I am in the process of writing a booklet to help others when the new Congressional session begins. It is a sort of "how to" booklet on how Congress works and how to make your voice heard. The most questions I get are on these issues. I guess it isn't hard to tell that this is an area that I love and follow, but our government can be confusing to the average person. Hopefully, it will help those with questions and make us even more effective when the bills are once again up for vote.

Also, I noticed that some really good people were suffering. They are losing their homes, jobs and just about everything else. These people, who normally would do anything for their horses, are facing tough decisions. They know about slaughter and they know about abusive owners because we are getting pretty good about getting the issues out there. These people need to know about the Alternatives to Auction and Slaughter book. The book isn't just for those who are considering selling their beloved horses this route, it offers ideas and suggestions that can help any owner facing tough decisions. In the book is a Protective Bill of Sale and a Protective Lease Contract, ideas of what to do with your horse if you can no longer keep it, how to raise the funds to euthanize and lots more. The book is available for purchase on AHDF's website for $5 (to cover the cost of hosting and updating). However, if someone is facing financial difficulties and cannot afford the cost of the book if they just email me I will provide them the link for the download for free. Unfortunately we no longer have the book available in printed format.

Please consider donating to AHDF so we can keep the book available to those who need it the most. There are so many reasons to donate to AHDF, the resources we offer like Horse Care Online, Save Our Wild Horses; the work we do legislatively and legally and the assistance we offer to rescues. We would like to also start other programs to assist owners like those who simply cannot afford euthanasia, but cannot with our donations at their current level. If you would like your dantion used for a specific purpose please note that on your check or your Paypal payment and we will see that it is used for that program. The AHDF is a 501(c)3 recognized non-profit organization meaning your donations are tax deductible.

No matter what we continue to be busy. I look forward to a day when I can take a break, not because I like to lay around eating bon-bons but because it would mean horses are no longer at risk for slaughter or abuse. But it isn't likely to happen anytime soon, if ever.