Wednesday, August 29, 2007


As anyone who has ever seen a horse or works around them knows these are big animals who could, if they wanted to, cause damage. I am often in awe of the fact that these big beautiful animals defer to us little beings so often. During my life I have taken tumbles from horses, had my feet stepped on and been bit. To those who don't know horses you may say, what are you a masochist? No, my injuries have been very few and far between and well worth it to be in the presence of these great beasts. My most recent injury came from loading a rescue horse in a trailer, but was NOT the horse's fault. She was balking at getting in the trailer and it was hotter than hades outside, so we were pulling hard on the lead rope. The snap on the rope broke and the metal swung back and hit my hand. I thought it was bruised and ignored it. We finally got her into the trailer with a little grain and I almost forgot about the incident. However, over the next 2 weeks my hand got worse and I finally went to the doctor. It turns out that not only did I break my hand, but I also chipped the bone and, because I kept using the hand, I had tore up the tendon.

I am not supposed to use the hand until mid October. Since it is hard, if not impossible to type with one hand, posts may be slow in coming. (Shhh, nobody tell the doctor I was on here posting.) I am reading all my emails and messages, I just am not responding unless it is urgent, I don't have a phone number to call and/or I am just going crazy with boredom.

BTW, for those who want to know what happened to the horse, she was immediately adopted. She now belongs to a young lady who loves her to death. She was a real sweetheart who was just afraid because she had been through so much. Actually she is just a big cuddle bug who has had some wonderful training. Stargate, is only 5 years old, a registered Quarter Horse mare. There are a number of wonderful horses at rescue facilities. Just like most people are surprised to find registered dogs at the pound, there are real polished diamonds who end up at rescue facilities. As a matter of fact, all of the horses we picked up during that rescue have been adopted except the 3 year old Paint/Appy cross who is still available here outside of Memphis, Tennessee. We also have a large number of mares and foals available at our facility in Texas.

If you are looking for an equine friend please consider looking at an equine rescue. We have a very long list of local rescues available on the AHDF website ( and you can also see the horses AHDF has available.

As for me, I will be nursing my sore hand for a while, but I will ALWAYS enjoy my horses.


Want to meet me? Want to help horses? Want to enjoy some great music? Then join me September 15th for Musical Horse Aid at the Walworth County Fairgrounds (outside of Delavan, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois). You can get more info at

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