Monday, July 30, 2007

Action Needed!

Hi All,
I just returned from DC and I have some exciting news to report and will do that soon. However, there is urgent action needed TODAY and I wanted to get that out to everyone ASAP.

There is an Agriculture Appropriations vote in the House, the amendment is the same that was added in the 2006 Ag Approps that would prevent tax dollars from being used in the inspections. This ban on expenses expires on the first of October and we MUST have it continue. There is
also an amendment that could potentially remove the anti-horse slaughter language from this bill tomorrow.

It is important to ACT today and tomorrow!

Please when you have a moment:

1. Go to and type in your zip code at the top of the page. You will need your plus 5 so check your mail for the full zip code. Your Representative will be listed along with their contact information.
2. Call your representative and ask them to support ANY language that would stop the slaughter of horses and equally important, ask them to oppose any amendment aimed at stripping the anti-horse slaughter language from the bill.

This is a very important juncture in our battle to end horse slaughter.

Please take a moment today to make these calls or send a fax.

Please also spread the word EVERYWHERE possible.

This is not the full bill, it is just extending the ban to prevent taxpayers from paying the expenses of the horse slaughter plant(s). Without this the plant in Illinois will have one less thing to fight and it could open new plants in other states. I understand there is some confusion about what this amendment says, but the House chair is only offering at this time to continue the ban on using tax dollars to support the industry.
Please expect more alerts in the near future about the bill and expect some really great things, but we must get past this first. So, it is CRITICAL we are heard and see this pass without being stripped from the bill.

Shelley Sawhook

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