Saturday, July 7, 2007

Horses Horses Everywhere

The AHDF does not normally get directly involved with rescue efforts. We focus mainly on legislative efforts, policy and legal efforts to secure the safety of horses. However, as we all know life doesn't always allow any person or organization to remain above the fray and the AHDF got involved with efforts to save dozens of pregnant mares, mare and foals from slaughter.

Some of the horses were placed with other rescues, others are in the possession of a foster home for the Friends of Barbaro. However, many of these horses are now safe and sound at an AHDF volunteer's home. The mares and foals will soon be released from quarantine and will be available for adoption. The pregnant mares will give birth to ensure their safe delivery before they will be available for adoption.

There are adoptive homes for some of the mares and foals, but we cannot begin the adoption process on the pregnant mares until after they deliver and possibly not until their foals are weaned. Because of this we find ourselves in the unique position of looking for sponsors for these mares.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of these beautiful mares and their unborn foals who were headed to slaughter in Mexico, please send your donation to the AHDF and on the memo line write sponsor. If you would like to donate online you can send your donation via Paypal to the email address and please make sure you let us know it is for sponsorship. We will soon add a page on the AHDF website for adoption information and sponsorship, but these animals need your support now. Any support is greatly appreciated.

1718 M St NW
Unit 191
Washington, DC 20036

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