Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The AHDF is Expecting!

We are expecting new foals any day now. Our foster home tells us that some of the pregnant mares rescued from the feedlot are showing signs of delivering soon. As you can see from the pictures at least one of the mares is very big as well as showing all the signs of impending delivery. The photos above are Sugar, a quarter horse mare and Fiona, an off the track Thoroughbred mare.

In preparing for their delivery the barn has been scrubbed clean, sawdust laid in the foaling pen and a new camera installed. We had hoped to be able to bring you streaming video of the birth, but that isn't possible. Its very hard to get routers, lines and computers in the foaling pen with the mare and we thought funds would be better spent in providing care for these horses. So, instead we will be recording the video and making it available for those interested.

The vet says the births can be at any time and all the mares are healthy enough to deliver healthy beautiful babies. If you would like to be a part of the delivery watch this blog for links to the video when it is posted.

Please consider sponsoring one of these sweet ladies and their new bundles of joy. In their condition they cannot be adopted until the foals are old enough to be moved safely or until they are weaned. We are not even taking applications for the pregnant mares at this time. This means the AHDF is responsible for their care and so far we have received $0 in donations for these horses. Currently there are 30 horses in foster care at AHDF. If you are interested in sponsoring a horse or foal visit the AHDF website at Other options to help are with providing supplies for the horses, so there is a level of assistance for everyone!

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