Saturday, July 14, 2007

AHDF on Foal Watch

The AHDF has 6 pregnant mares in its custody at this time. The vet has been monitoring their conditions since they did come from a feedlot that feed directly into the Mexican slaughter plants and we do not know what if any care they have received until now. These 6 ladies all look as though they could all deliver at any time.

The AHDF's foster family has told us that 2 of the mares have significant signs of delivering soon. So, our foster family is living on limited sleep as they watch the mares so we can ensure a safe delivery of these highly anticipated babies.

Only a few short weeks ago these mares' lives did not have a bright outlook. They were sitting in a feedlot in Texas waiting to go to Mexico to be slaughtered for their meat. They would not be in a safe barn awaiting the delivery of their foals. As most of you know, these would not be the first pregnant mares "processed" at a slaughter plant. Cavel in Illinois had a mare deliver on the floor of the slaughter plant on May 11th and June 11th of 2007. Thankfully that plant is closed because of the new Illinois law that bans horse slaughter in that state. However, this now sends our horses into Mexico and Canada. Even the supporters of horse slaughter admit that the Mexican plants are FAR less humane.

This is why it is very important for us to see the passage of the federal bills HR 503 and S 311, which would ban horse slaughter in the United States and would prohibit our horses from being transported to Mexico and Canada for the purpose of slaughter. Please contact your Senators and your Representative and ask them to co-sponsor and support these very important bills. Visit the AHDF website for more information on slaughter and for information on these bills.

That way Sugar, Gypsy, Rosie, Fiona and other mares can have their foals safely without ever having to worry about slaughter ever again. These mares were bred by people and they need people to help save them. You can also visit the AHDF for updates on these lovely ladies and to help us by sponsoring them through their pregnancies.

To our sleep deprived Foster family a great big thank you from the AHDF!

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