Friday, September 18, 2009

Wild Horse Advocates

For those folks looking for a way to help out with the wild horse issue there is a way. Right now the Save Our Wild Horse coalition is accepting applications for volunteers and is hosting a survey on how better to serve advocates. Submit your survey at

They are looking for volunteers in the following areas. Monitoring specific herds, calender manager, research and others. So please take a minute to stop by and offer your suggestions as well as volunteer.

Save Our Wild Horses is also looking for wild horse groups and advocates to join the coalition. So, please consider joining them! Together we CAN make a difference and speak as one voice for our wild horses! Save Our Wild Horses has also launched a blog at

A number of groups are also planning on hosting demonstrations, including one in DC on Sept 29th. The demonstration will be held from 8am to 4pm on the West Front Lawn of Capitol Hill. The purpose is to inform the public about the plight of the wild horses. Everyone is welcome to attend and to bring information and handouts to give to the public as well as signs and photos.

Groups are also working to get advocates to DC from Sept 29th until the end of October to lobby for the ROAM Act (S1579/HR1018) as well as the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act (HR503/S727). We are asking that advocates spend a day or two, specifically the weeks of Oct. 4th, 11th and 25th, to lobby for these efforts. AHDF will be there the week of Oct. 18th. Advocates planning on attending during this time are asked to email me at as this is a coordinated effort.

On a personal note I have made my first attempt at making a You Tube video. Please keep in mind that it is my first and the sound isn't perfect, but it is available for viewing at Hopefully now that I have it down a little better we can add more videos to the site to inform the public. That is if I can find the time. AHDF is on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, the web as well as this blog. So, folks can follow us anywhere!