Thursday, September 3, 2009


In our sadness all advocates and wild horse lovers need to refrain from passing blame. Our court systems work, but not often on the schedule that we would like. It is nearly impossible to obtain a temporary restraining order (TRO) against a government agency. Our laws are set up to give the government a sort of benefit of the doubt and to prevent individuals from disrupting government actions. The TRO was NOT the last legal stand. There is still the option of the courts returning the animals after the removals. Of course nobody wanted the herds disrupted by the roundups and the associated risks that they bring. However, the judge acted as he saw the law.

Yes, we are sad and yes we do feel as though we are in mourning. However, please do not disparage those who have worked so hard. This is not the time for blame. It is time for us to really WORK. Work hard that the herds remain viable, work hard to see the laws changed to protect the horses, work to see that other herds aren't decimated, work to see the BLM held accountable for their actions.

Cry if you must for what is going on and then dry your eyes. Our tears don't accomplish anything, but our efforts can and do. The BLM is issuing EAs (Environmental Assessments which are needed before ANY roundup can happen) for public comments even as we speak. We must each comment on them and let them know that we don't accept the decimation of our herds. We must contact the Senators and let them know that we support the ROAM Act to keep our horses free in the wild. There are groups, such as the AHDF, the Cloud Foundation, Front Range and EWA, and individuals filing more appeals to stop these roundups and they NEED support.

If all you are offering is criticisms of what efforts have been made or tears you have not done all you can. Take action today. Volunteer to help with the organizations fighting, call and write letters to your Senators, visit your Senators while they are at home or go to DC, donate to the groups, file public comments to the BLM's EAs. TAKE ACTION!

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