Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Going to DC

The trip to DC is getting closer.  It is getting crazy around my house.  I have to get all the materials ready, get to the cleaners to get my suits pressed and get ready to go.  I always get stressed when I go to DC because I know how important those trips can be and this time it is doubly important.  Otherwise we might not have any more wild horse within a few years.

So far I have heard from a couple of folks that they too want to go and help protect the wild horses.  This is pretty exciting since lobbying is seen as hard.  Too many folks are afraid of Congress, they keep forgetting that it is our JOB to visit them.  We are their employers and we should check on our employees to see how they are doing and to tell them what kind of job we want done. 

George Knapp did an awesome job on his hour long special about the wild horses called "Stampede to Oblivion".  In it Dina Titus said that our politicians seem to be focused on special interest and not on the hearing the people.  Is it possible that the reason they listen to special interest is because they see them every day and they ply them with food, gifts and funds and not to the people because we DON'T visit and talk to them?  Just a thought. 

BTW if you haven't seen the special you should take the time.  It is probably one of the best pieces ever done on the issue.  You can find it by going here, the videos are on the right hand side.  It is in 5 parts, so watch them all.  Also, the station says that they have an agreement with ALL CBS affiliates to provide content, so your local station could show it.  Contact them to see if they will show it.

WE have got to have success in getting the ROAM Act passed.  If we don't we are probably going to see the end of truly wild horses and burros in another year or two.  The FY 2010 gather schedule shows that they are planning to remove 12,000 horses and burros from the range.  And FY 2010 has already started and the horses are being taken off the range as we speak.  12,000 horses is about 1/3 of the animals left on the range if you believe the BLM's numbers.  If you are sure they are over estimating then you can see that this could be the end. 

So gear up folks, our wild horses and burros are in for the fight of their lives and we have to help them.  It isn't the time to get mad, but it is the time to get active.  Anger, while probably a VERY understandable emotion, causes us to make mistakes.  The horses can't afford those, so let's move at this with a clear head and a firm determined attitude, the way the horses would want us to. 

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