Monday, April 14, 2008

What is a Dream?

I am usually busy and can't go through my emails as quickly as I would like. The ones that suffer the most are those that go to my personal email account, I often don't read these for DAYS. That means if my adult kids want to get in touch with me they have to wait in line behind all the requests for info on opening a rescue, funding a rescue, finding a missing horse, reports of abuse and neglect or the hundreds of other emails I get. However, I do eventually get to those emails and today I read one I got last week that was called "What is a Dream". That title made me think, what is a dream?

Is a dream something that happens when you sleep? Is it a break you take when your mind wanders? I like to think that dreams are our way of seeing the world a better place. In our dreams we are in wonderful beautiful places (those that are in bad places aren't dreams, they are nightmares) and they have a soft glow. So, can a dream be a reality? I think so, otherwise nobody would ever say things like, it was like a dream or I am living my dream. When I was a little girl I would dream of owning my own horse and a few years later (I refuse to admit how many) I own my own horses. So, one could say I am living my dream. Is it perfect? Well no, I don't ever remember in my dreams having to clean stalls but I have my dream horse plus a few.
I like the saying if you dream it you can achieve it. That means we can pass bills to protect horses from slaughter, we can save our wild horses and horses can be saved from terrible owners who abuse and/or neglect them. I have dreamed it, as I know others have, we just need to make that dream a reality. We can't just sit around waiting for it to happen, nobody ever came up to me and handed me my horses. I worked for them and I have to keep working for them. Maria Schriver has quoted a Hopi prayer several times recently and it goes "Know your garden. It is time to speak your Truth. Create your community. Be good to each other. And do not look outside yourself for the leader. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for." We can't silently site back and wait for someone to lead the fight to do the right thing, we must be the leader and fight back the nightmares of abuse and neglect and horse slaughter.

If we all have the same dream of a safer place for horses, then we can make it happen. We must see S 311 and HR 507 pass this year and signed into law, that is the first step in achieving that dream. I will be going to Washington, DC the beginning of May to once again work towards that goal. I hope that everyone who reads this will call their Senators and Representative the week of May 5th (you could also join me in DC) and we can work toward making that dream come true.

Don't forget it also takes money to make those dreams come true too. Last year the AHDF placed 41 horses in homes where they are now living a dream with families that think their dreams have come true. All because we were able to save the lives of these wonderful animals. We still have 9 of these horses waiting for their dreams to come true, but there are thousands of horses who can live safer wonderful lives if we see our dreams fulfilled. All of that costs money, to put together packets for lobbying, for buying grain for all the other things that we do every day. Please consider donating to the AHDF, your donations are tax deductible and go toward making dreams come true on many levels.

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