Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Safety Tips

As a woman I think about self-defense and safety a great deal, but it isn't just women who need to think about these types of things. I am often in areas where I am not familiar or comfortable, like in Washington, DC. I am more of a country girl. I know how to watch for snakes in the grass and on the trail, but these aren't always our only threats. So, today I was watching a show on RFD and they showed some tips that I thought were something valuable and I wanted to share them with everyone.

On The Horse Show with Rick Lamb they had a former mounted police officer who has made a video about self defense on the trail. His biggest tip was not to panic and to trust you and your horse's instinct. Remember that your horse can spot a predator and to trust him/her if they refuse to go near a stranger. If you are interested in buying or seeing the DVD you can go to www.horsethink.com. I visited the site and they not only have the self defense video there, but also one on how to deal with dogs on the trail. Both are good videos to have on hand if you trail ride so that you can practice and be prepared for those unexpected "surprises".

On the subject of safety, the AHDF website www.HorseCareOnline.com we have a wonderful article about preparing a first aide kit for the trail, barn and truck. There are also articles about preparing for an emergency and even changing a tire on your trailer. All good safety tips to make sure you and your horse are prepared for some of those life's little surprises.

Remember ride safe and ride smart, but most of all just ride.

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