Monday, December 7, 2009

Radio Interview

For those that missed my interview on The Body Politic, it is now available online.
This can be downloaded through iTunes, listened to online and/or shared.  I hope that everyone will listen to it and share it widely.

This interview covered the issue of horse slaughter.  We are doing another interview on Friday on the wild horse and burro issue.  You can listen live on Friday the 11th at 1 pm PST, 2 pm MST, 3pm CST and 4 pm EST by going to

In addition, HoofLinks radio will be doing a show Wednesday the 9th.  Get show info by going to the HoofLinks show.  We are going to be continuing our talk on legislative efforts and interviewing a rescue on the issues facing them in the present economy.


jo bunny said...

did you get snowed out? i was looking forward to your show last night!!! hope that everything is okay. will check back next week...


Ginger Leilani Chapin said...

Thank you for your much needed voice for the intelligent, sentient beings who have suffered from the corruption the BLM has been seeping in for way too long.

Obama promised CHANGE, and I want to see our Wild Horses protected and celebrated, for a change.