Friday, September 4, 2009

How the Hell Can We Save Them?

This is not going to be my normal blog post. It isn't going to be all nicey-nicey. I am feeling like I have NEVER felt before, helpless and hopeless. I don't like that feeling at all. I know I am not alone in feeling this way. I have always been the one who looked for the silver lining, the one who urged others on, the one who always felt that in the end things would come out right.

The one thing I have felt since hearing about the Pryor Mountain horses is that in the end the horses would be fine. It is one small herd and they aren't taking as many as other herds and while the numbers are set a little below genetic viability, it isn't as bad as other herds are facing. So many are just being removed or their AML is so far below genetic viability that they will not survive at all. However, the Pryor horses are one of the most famous herds and the ones that were the most protected. They received protections long before the other herds got it. They also had the distinction of being so closely related to the Spanish herds.

This then brings the question that makes me feel the way I do. If we can't protect these wonderful horses, how the hell can we protect and save the others?

The loss of a single one of these famous horses is being felt by the world. They care because they have gotten to know and love them through Ginger Kathrens wonderful documentaries on the Cloud series. We know Image, Cloud's daughter who is set to be removed. We know Electra, Cloud's sister, who Prince fought to keep and is his only mare and is now set to be removed. We know Arrow, Rain and Cloud Dancer all set to lose their freedom. Not only are we losing these special animals, but the herds' AML is being set and kept below genetic viability and those that are being returned to the range are being treated with PZP to prevent herd growth.

So, I say again if we can't save them how the hell can we save the others?

How can we stop the removal of 1000 horses from the Red Desert Complex? How can we stop the Ely District removal of EVERY SINGLE horse? How can we prevent the Sheldon horses from going to slaughter?

I know we all called President Obama and asked for his help. Today one person asked if he was getting our messages and was told that they were gathering them and would give them to him later on today. Obviously that isn't much help. Our government isn't getting the word and meanwhile these horses are in the middle of of this horrible removal and they can't take the time to pass along the people's concerns! Of course the roundup continues, he doesn't even know about it and the staff hasn't seen fit to let him know. Since they take it so lightly it is doubtful that he would stop it anyway. Apparently we need to be more insistent with our calls and we need more people to call the White House to let him know that it IS an important issue.

It isn't the time to feel helpless, it isn't the time to feel hopeless. It is the time to stand up and fight! Fight for the horses and the law of the land that protects them. It is time to yell louder to say this is NOT RIGHT. Those horses shouldn't lose their freedom for nothing and none should possibly pay with their lives without it meaning something.

Remember my post about speaking with One Voice? It is now time to speak with that voice and let it finally be heard. We will not accept the continued removal of our wild horses. We will not let them zero out herd areas for more grazing. We will not let them take our freedoms as they have taken the horses'. We will not let them subvert the law ever again and our wild horses WILL be protected as the law intended. Not ever again! We will fight through the courts, we will battle in the Congress and we will see the few remaining herds never face what Cloud's herd is facing now. Speak up for Cloud, speak up for Electra, speak up for Image, speak up for the unnamed herds. We need to raise our voices NOW before they are all gone and all we have left is a memory and a few documentaries to show what we have really lost.


C. Stone, in WV said...

Thank you for going to the Pryors & trying your best! Now the curtains are coming down, & it's hard to get info: PryorWild blog still wrote some, Cloud Foundtn posted a bit Fri, complete silence yesterday, except for parts of msg: "others are listening. Please continue to call & demand that your congressionals ask MT sen. Baucus/Tester &.. don't give up, keep trying, keep calling..."
But dear PUBLIC CITIZEN, they are NOT listening; they NEVER were listening! NO ONE has answered single phone call or message for days; BLM, FS, Sec of Int/Agric, govt, senators, congress, the Obamas- now they won't even accept a message or email {prob. never Read /Listen to them anyway!} I even called "urgent help line, be prepared to adopt a horse by Sep 26" I left 20 sec msg, which then says to "push 1 if, push 2 if, push 3 if want to record MORE"... well, I push 3 & go thru' whole menu 2 more times; it replays my orig msg...&says push 3, or push ? to be connected to rep.for help... Well, the LONGEST time I waited on an open empty line was 20 mins; obviously there was never anyone to answer me anyway. ALL other phone lines simply say -call back during 'busn hours'- on this Holiday weekend..{by Thurs B4 4pm}? or return 'busy or non-function signal'; Email comment forms allow you to type your heart out, yet every 1 I tried {sev} then spin & spin into hyperspace, eventually return with "the address you typed no longer belongs to an active server" or 'we cannot connect you to address domain, please check & retype", etc, Now I see your Post that PRESIDENTIAL STAFF never EVEN Gave him Msgs at all-- not b4 3 day wkend--when he can't do anything anyway! Even Pryor Wild Mustang cntr blog allows us to Post comment or Question, but NONE are ANSWERED--can't really fault them, I guess--BLM didn't listen to their ideas either...

C.Stone, horse lover in WV said...

I Live in state of WV, so my congressman, Nick Rahall, Sponsored ROAM act & many others on house side; my sr Senator is Robert C Byrd, SPONSOR of bill in Senate, +sponsor of 100s of wild horse protection bills for 50's his PASSION! He's 92 yrs old, & he SIGNed 1971 Act bill...this is Killing HIM (literally-I fear it will)! Last time I did call his office, a long-time aide just cried with me over phone! Our other reps actively support related bills (except 1 daughter of a bribery-convicted former govnr)-I did let HER know what I thought-- but, as for "Ask your State Reps to contact MT & WY ones, or Pres, or BLM"...If they won't listen to Sen. Byrd, why would they consider SPEAKING to 1 of us??...They are NOT listening; they NEVER were listening!
What I DO want to know is WHY BLM does not HAVE to do what Chairman of Nat'l Parks, Forests, Public LANDS (Grijalva)or G.A.O. asks /directs them to do?? WHO DO they Work FOR? I can't find a single soul to answer that 1 question. Altho' I realize IF you're still in MT-- you likely won't be reading email, until it's ALL OVER! But, in case you DO: please help take care of Ginger-- I'm really worried about her! I don't know what she'll do when they haul almost ALL of Cloud's family away! {I can't imagine they'd dare to Take HIM, they'll simply RUIN his life instead.} However, I am afraid he Will try to FIGHT & will truly get HURT badly! {yes, I too, wld espec Love to Save ELECTRA!) SO, I guess I am asking for You to: Use your 'horse whisper voices' to tell the Horses that you reach or see, that "1 more person really loves them ALL & that I am SO SORRY we could not do more.." to "Be brave & magnificent--b/c I (we) are Praying They WILL get the very best possible home." &Please don't let them take old Grumpy or Bigfoot...or QuelleColor or Phoenix? I know they wouldn't Live 1-2 DAYS in captivity--I realize they'll likely SHOOT Bigfoot when they see his knees (IF they don't Break being chased). I guess All you can do is try to Distract HIM with your whispers & Native Am's prayers--so he won't See it Coming?? I may feel "tiniest bit less helpless" if I know this--BUT more importantly--the HORSES may feel a bit Less panicked when hearing your Voices! I wish I could have come there, but couldn't DO anything, & I don't have the property or funds to provide even 1 Horse a proper home. I just Thank God Brave old SHAMAN Died last week, longest King on His Mountain- & never had to see this! So,that's ALL I can Ask of YOU---
THANK You & May the Great Creator shine a star to light your path!

AHDF President said...

The legal battle isn't over yet. The judge did ask that if he were to rule in the horses' favor could they be returned to the wild. The BLM said they could. However, the ruling will need to come before the adoption event they have planned on the 26th.

The worst part is that that all horses over the age of 10 will be offered for sale under the sale authority with no restrictions (Burns Act). Most of the horses being removed fit this criteria. So, at this point we need to make sure that good humane folks get these horses to prevent them from going to slaughter. I know Ginger, Makendra, RT Fitch and others are trying to make sure this doesn't happen, but they need our support too.

Let's not give up hope just yet. But if the worst should happen we need to make sure that not one horse loses its life or freedom for nothing. We need to make sure that the BLM is held accountable.

Suzanne said...

Don't give up! Ginger and many others are going to attend the BLM Advisory Board Meeting on the 28th of September in Arlington, VA and also “Mustangs On The Hill” in Washington DC on September 29th to support the ROAM ACT. More details:

This is NOT over.

AHDF President said...

There are other events planned as well. Mustangs on the Hill is something we hope will expand to include the whole month of October where advocates will go to DC to lobby. The AHDF will be there the whole week of Oct 19th. We are hoping that other groups or individuals can make it other weeks so that Congress and the White House can see that we are NOT giving up and that we are serious about seeing the ROAM Act passed!! Americans Against Horse Slaughter is also participating. This is our big chance to MAKE our voices heard! Come out and make a difference.