Sunday, February 8, 2009

Website had new look

If anyone looked at the AHDF site over the weekend you may have noticed a few differences. The AHDF site is undergoing a long overdue face lift. While we are making the changes you may experience a few difficulties. We apologize for any inconveniences but are sure you will find the new site much easier to navigate, more user friendly and much nicer to look at.

If you get a chance you may want to take a little peek at the wonderful work Dawn has done on the site and let us kow what you think about the changes. (Please don't email us about broken links, missing pictures or other details, we are working on them and hope to have all the dust settle by the middle of the week.)

We hope the site will help our visitors make the most of the information we have available and make it easier to join the AHDF to protect the horses. Thanks for your patience.

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