Tuesday, February 10, 2009

AHDF Updates

Wow, there is alot going on at the AHDF. We just updated the site with a new and better format that is more user friendly and more interactive. While we are still working out some of the bugs, it is so pretty and nice that I want everyone to take a peek and see what is going on. The format of the AHDF website has never been changed, so our little upgrade looks great, but I want to hear your opinions.

While you are on the site look for some of our new articles. We just added one about Rescue Burnout to our information on rescues. This article is aimed at preventing the burnout of all our wonderful volunteers and those who work tirelessly on the horse issue. I hope that people find it helpful. More informative articles will be coming in the next few days. We also added information on pending state legislation to reopen horse slaughter plants in the US. I ask that everyone act as quickly as possible to prevent these measures from passing. If they do pass it makes getting a federal ban MUCH harder.

We recently got a suggestion about adding the AHDF to You Tube and while we considered it, we felt that it could get pretty boring after a while. Plus, the concern was who the heck wanted to listen to me doing AHDF and bill updates. We have decided that while You Tube wasn't the answer we needed the means to provide interesting updates to the public. So, we have decided to do podcasts. We are working on getting the software and hardware up along with all the supporting issues. When we launch our first podcast we will announce it here. We have also joined Twitter and we are AHDF on that site. If you don't know what Twitter is please don't ask me, I just join them and follow the instructions. So, you can follow the AHDF on MySpace, Twitter and through our blog. Hopefully there won't be any more of these things invented because I am getting overwhelmed by them all.

We have also added new articles on our Horse Care website. On that site you can learn how to properly fit your horse for tack and now bits. We are working on an article on the new issue of bitless bridles which should be up soon. Horse Care Online is great for those first time owners or potential first time owners, but I would like to see us get a little more advanced. So, I am looking for articles that people can find helpful for owners on a variety of topics. If anyone has something please let me know. Credit is always given to our guest providers.

Legislatively not much is going on. We provided input for a potential wild horse protection bill but we still haven't seen the text for the bill. We do have a legislative section on the AHDF site so stay tuned for updates. I know things are frustrating right now with nothing moving, but Congress is focused on the economy and they are refusing to let legislation of any importance be brought forward until the economic issues are resolved. Bear with us, I know soon we will see some things shake loose soon. Please continue with calls for cosponsors though, we need to be getting ahead right now.

Last but certainly not least the AHDF is working with a prominent law office to file some legal suit to help protect America's wild horses. While we don't need funds to pay our new attorney we WILL need funds later for certain legal expenses. If you would like to donate to our legal fund please visit www.saveourwildhorses.com and donate online or by sending your checks or money orders to AHDF at 1718 M St NW Unit 191 Washington, DC 20036. These costs are going to run over $5000-$10000 in the end so we are trying to get a jump on raising the funds now.

We certainly have a great deal going on right now and I hope you can appreciate the hard work involved. We do have a few volunteer positions available so if you are interested in assisting us in our work fill out a volunteer application available on the AHDF website. We can also use funds too, so if you have not yet renewed your membership dues please do so now.

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