Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sad State of the World

I have been having trouble sleeping. It isn't that I am not tired, with kids a husband, dogs, horses and getting a house ready for the holidays, I am tired. But when I lay down to sleep thoughts go through my mind keeping me awake. Add to that the fact that we have some data from the BLM to go through, it adds up to many sleepless nights.

So, as I was trying to get sleepy tonight I decided to do a little reading to get sleepy. So, I went looking for something happy to distract me and I found a story called "Little Girl to get Pony". Wow, I thought, a really happy kid/horse story to wipe out some of the ugliness I get every day. Unfortunately, it wasn't a happy story. It seems that the little girl was getting a pony, but to replace hers that had been tortured, killed and mutilated. The little girl had found her pony and was severely traumatized.

How sick does someone need to be to do that to a poor animal, let alone a child's pet? How sick is the world when vets, charged with protecting and caring for horses, say that brutal slaughter is humane? How twisted is it that the BLM, a government agency charged with protecting our wild horses, is systematically eliminating them from our public lands? And not just that, but doing it in such a way that it is even more inhumane.

How sick does the world need to be before someone changes it? How cruel does the act need to be before these animals get the protection they deserve? When will laws and policies change? When there are no more horses running free, when children find their beloved pets slaughtered in their own pasture?

I have said that when we sell out our horses and think of them as just a commodity we sell our souls. It is up to the people who care to protect and speak for them, even if it looks like nobody is listening. Passage of the Horse Slaughter Prevention Act wouldn't have saved that child's horse, but it didn't help that the current thought process is that horses are disposable and can be treated as though they have no feelings when they are handled brutally during transport and the slaughter process. It is changing the view of animals that protect them and HR 503/S 311 will start that process.

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Airspace1 said...

So true Shelly seems the whole US isnt what its said to be. One thing is right that foreigners said about america is that they worship the Dollar bill first. If we Responsible and caring folks are going to do good for the US we need to punish abusers,Overbreeders, and pass our National Horse Bills. Its sad that Big Business like the AVMA and the AAEP have taken an Oat to office to protect the horse and still do nothing to stop this tourture. AQHA and APHA should be regulated on what they can Register and limit there abilities to promote overbreeders to keep breeding. They are the problems and the few Elected Officals that ignore laws and collect funds to keep them operating. To see these sellouts and the facts visit