Wednesday, November 7, 2007

COLD!! Brrrr

I know that some of us are seeing the first cold weather of the year. Some areas have already seen snow! We had our first hard freeze last night with another expected tonight. With the cold weather comes the holidays and the time that the horses need us the most. It has been an incredibly hard year with fires, droughts, floods and even tornado and still no passage of the Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. However, we have seen some great things this year including the closing of the last slaughter plant in this country and more interest from the media in publishing stories about the humane treatment of our nation's horses.

While it is hard to think of the suffering of horses during the holiday season, we cannot let our momentum stop. However, there are ways we can enjoy our tasks. We can shop and help the horses. When you are thinking of your holiday gift giving also think of helping the horses and we all win. Why let all the profits go to the shops when you can give a part of your shopping dollars to the AHDF. If you shop through please select the American Horse Defense Fund as your chosen charity. You can also shop at the AHDF mall and a portion of your total will go to AHDF. Our mall has stores that you will recognize and some small wonderful stores that you may find are your favorites. You can also shop at Cafe Press and buy AHDF items. Or what about shopping at the AHDF site? We are going to be adding some new items soon to enhance your shopping experience, including some great Christmas ornaments. Think gifts and think AHDF. Got a kiddo to buy for? Shop at Cafe Press and get them a tee or a soft teddy bear or you can shop through the mall for personalized books, educational software, name trains and much more or give the gift of sponsoring a horse and if you let us know it is a gift we will send the receipient a photo of their horse and a certificate of sponsorship. A horse owner? You can buy him/her a new custom saddle pad through our partnership with R9 Custom Horse Creations. Just let them know the funds are for the AHDF horses and the hay for pad program. There is not a single person you cannot find a gift for through one of our programs.

As with just about every charity on the planet we count on our contributions to continue our work. We also count on the charity of our donors during this time of year for most of our annual budget. We don't have any benefactors that direct our actions, we prefer to stay close to our supporters and their direction. So, this year when you are doing your shopping please think of us and the horses.

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