Sunday, October 14, 2007

For those that LOVE wild horses

I want to share an excellent blog with everyone who loves and respects our wild horses. The blog is written by someone who has done a great deal of research on the wild horse issue and is chock full of information on herd viability, BLM actions and news about a number of wild horse deaths. Go to it here.

If you are responding to any of the BLM public comment periods you will find all the information you need on the wild herd blog. So, no longer do you need to do extensive research, the blog does most of it for you. I know that we depend on the research a great deal for the AHDF responses. So, now there is no excuse for not sending in a comment. It is critical for the wild horses that as many people respond as possible. The reason the BLM has gotten away with all they are doing is because the public isn't aware. Now, we are.

Now for those who love the wild horses and love songs written about them, we have a treat. While at Musical Horse Aid I heard a song that I fell in love with. I have asked and received permission to put the song on the AHDF website. The song is called Ponies and should be available this week on the AHDF website. The singer and songwriters have offered this to us to help raise funds to protect the horses. We will not be charging for the song, but ask that anyone who enjoys the song that they donate to AHDF to support our horses and our work to see the bills passed.

The AHDF is not like other humane groups, we have no large donor base, we have no big budget. We are supported by our members, you. The AQHA, AVMA and AAEP have big membership dues and large donors to lobby against our bills. That is why they are making headway against our overwhelming supporters. They have the money to make a difference. Right now the AHDF budget is stretched to the limit and our lobby efforts have been greatly impacted by our lack of funds. We need your help and support, so don't forget us when you are thinking of donations and remember we are a 501(c)3 organization and your donations are tax deductible. So, if you enjoy Huns and Dr Beeker's song please be generous.

Last but certainly not least, the wild horses are coming! The AHDF has decided to take in a few wild yearlings. These horses come from a reservation and were slated to go to a Canadian slaughter house. The group that had these horses thought they had found them a secure placement, but it didn't work out. These beautiful long yearlings will be held at a foster home in Texas and will be available for adoption as soon as they can be handled safely, along with 2 young foals. Watch the AHDF website for updates!

BTW do you miss updates to the website? Do you want more information when it occurs? At the bottom of the AHDF home page you can now sign up for an email when changes are made to the AHDF website. So, sign up and know when things are happening!

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