Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Do You Know...

the legend of the Animal Fairy? It is a very cute legend that I thought people would enjoy and it goes something like this.

Legend has it that many years ago the Animal Fairy would roam the earth looking for animals that needed love and shelter. One day the Animal Fairy realized that there were so many homeless, neglected and sick animals that he couldn’t do it alone. So he decided to find people all over that could be his helpers. They would have to be people full of love and compassion who cared about every animal large and small. While he tended to the animals in need, his helpers could provide love and shelter for the others. It wasn’t easy for the Animal Fairy but he searched the world over. Finally, he had made a list of those that were perfect for the job. His next step was how to let them know they were chosen. He finally came up with his answer….FAIRY DUST!! He would sprinkle them with magic fairy dust and they would know. So, armed with a sack of fairy dust, he began his long journey touching the lives of those that he knew would care for the animals forever.

Now because of a partnership between AHDF and Animal Fairy Charities we are offering you the opportunity to buy a statue of the Animal Fairy and, just in time for the holidays, you can also buy it in an ornament as well from the AHDF site. (OK I feel a little silly mentioning the holidays this early in the year, but some people do their shopping early and aren't like me running around the day before picking up gifts. Besides, I don't know about your local Wal-Mart, but mine had Christmas items out last month!) A portion of each purchase price will go into the AHDF general fund. These things are so cute and make a great present for any person who loves animals and come with a cute little note explaining the legend and acknowledging the reciepient as an animal angel.

Speaking of the holidays, (YIKES!) when you are doing your holiday shopping or any shopping year round remember to shop through the AHDF Mall and a portion of your total will go to AHDF as well. This is a great way to get items from stores like GNC, Lego, Pajamagram, NFL Shop and Fossil. Planning on traveling for the holidays? You can also make your travel arrangements from the mall too. You can buy everything from office supplies, to clothing to gifts, anything you would find at your local mall without the crowds and parking issues. And, at the same time you are helping AHDF, because a portion of your shopping total goes to AHDF's general fund.

Don't forget our special song playing on the website. It is called "Ponies" by Huns and Dr Beeker. These talented artists played at Musical Horse Aid this year and have agreed to allow us to put the song on our website. Personally, while there were a number of wonderfully talented bands and groups that played at the event, this song was my favorite. If you missed this year's event don't worry, plans are already being made for next year's event. I hope to see you all there because it was an awesome event and it raised awareness of the issues facing horses, especially slaughter. When we have more information about the Second Annual Musical Horse Aid we will let everyone know.

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