Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Politic and Horses

During the debate on Hr 1018, and after, much was said in opposition to the bill. It was likened to a "welfare bill for horses". The backlash has been disturbing for a variety of reasons. Yes, one political party has seemed to line up against the bill. However, I am asking cooler heads to prevail. This is really nothing but political posturing. We shouldn't turn against a party because it says stupid things, if we did Washington, DC would be empty and we would be a country in crisis searching for anyone who has never said something stupid. No party's platform is to abuse animals or to cause the extinction of a species.

In September 2006 that said party was in charge of Congress. That was when the debate for HR 503 was held. During the debate the minority party (the party now in charge) had Representatives on the floor decrying that the bill shouldn't be heard while seniors around the country are starving and eating cat food to stay alive. That was nothing but political posturing and demanding time for other bills. It was a stupid comment since cans of tuna fish is cheaper than cat food and if there were issues of massive starving seniors it would be all over the news. Yes, certain issues are more important than others, but ALL issues have a right to be heard. So, this type of thing is not limited to one political party or another.

Humane issues normally cross party lines and the horses have quite a few staunch supporters on BOTH sides of the aisle. When advocates attack one party or another we face the chance that we could lose support just when we need it. This is NOT a party issue like others might be, but an issue of being humane people and doing what is right. That isn't limited to any party, although it seems to be in short supply among ALL people. It is those people who have made those decisions, not the party. I know some place the blame on a certain past president, but it goes back to others of different parties as well. The wild horses didn't get here in just a few years, it took decades of failed policies and an atmosphere at the BLM that allowed it to get as bad as it is.

There is a lovely article in the Seattle Examiner that explains why the Representative who spoke out about the passage of the bill did so. It wasn't about his party's position, but his own record of being against humane legislation. It was the individual. The party's opposition comes from their position on the fact that the US government is deeply in debt and they see this as just another form of welfare to the wrong place. We need to INFORM them, not attack them. Tell them that the bill will actually see a savings to the taxpayer by reduced removals and the phasing out of long term holding facilities. These savings go far beyond the potential cost.

When we begin to attack one party or another it makes it harder to get legislation passed and harder for those who are lobbying for our legislation. So, let's stop the party bashing and focus our efforts where they are needed most Saving our wild horses and burros from extinction. Preserving them in their natural habitat for our children, for our grand-children and for future generations. Think of how devastating it would be to tell them after seeing the movie Hidalgo or after reading a book on mustangs that these wonderful majestic animals no longer exist and they can never see one in real life. Not everyone goes to the Grand Canyon, but we know that its majesty and beauty is there and we would ALL fight to preserve it if it were threatened. We need to fight to protect our wild horses.

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