Friday, July 24, 2009

Month of the Horse in DC

A few years ago Congress declared a day in Dec. the Day of the Horse. The AHDF would like to declare Sept. 2009 the Month of the Horse in DC. We would like to see horse advocates on the Hill speaking for our horses EVERY DAY in Sept that Congress is in session. This could make a big impact toward seeing our bills passed. We are looking for groups and individuals to spend 3-5 days in DC lobbying. It could be any week, but we do need at least 5-10 folks there every week. (If you are a horse owner PLEASE seriously consider attending as it adds credibility to our cause.) This is a great opportunity for folks to see how Congress works, have a chance to speak their minds on the pending bills and a chance to make a difference. We are also looking for 3 individuals or groups to lead the efforts during the week they attend. The leaders will need to have lobbying experience and be available during the week to mentor and assist the other group members.

This is NOT just and AHDF event. We would seriously LOVE for all the groups to come together in support of the bills. So, please pass this info along to other groups that you may know. If we all speak as one voice we CAN make a difference! Think how powerful it would be to walk into these offices and say you are representing your group, the AHDF, and other groups and individuals attending!

If you are interested in being a part of Month of the Horse in DC please email me so I can coordinate the events and negotiate discounts on hotels. If we are not coordinated this event will fall flat and not have the impact we need to make, so please at least let me know you will be in DC during this time. My email addy is

On another note. To pull all this together AHDF is going to need funds for materials and other expenses. PLEASE consider donating or sending in your dues today. The AHDF is seriously operating in a deficit and we need your help to accomplish our goals. Donations can be made via Paypal by using the email address of or by mailing donations to PO Box 328 Covington, TN 38019 or 1718 M St NW Unit 191 Washington, DC 20036. If everyone who reads this post will donate at least $5-$10 we could pull this off. Thank you!

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