Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Horse Shootings and Update on Burro Shooting

Back in February I posted about a number of burros shot in Arizona. In that post I talked about a number of unsolved wild horse and burro shootings that were unsolved or improperly prosecuted. Since then there has not only been no resolution of the horrific case of the burro shootings, but the whole issue seems to have disappeared from the public focus. This means that short of someone coming in and confessing to ease their troubled mind, it is doubtful that it will ever be solved.

However, according to the Billings Gazette there has been another shooting. This time the shooter killed 3 horses at the federal corral in Rock Springs, Wyoming. The shooting occurred some time before employees returned to work on the morning of June 12, 2009. Two of the horses were privately owned and one was a wild horse from a recent gather. This time there are "a number of leads" and it is possible that it will be solved as the majority of horses were privately owned and not those pesky mustangs. The article mentions that in 2001 "more than 30" wild horses were shot in the area and that case has never been solved. That case in unlikely to ever be solved.

It is time that EVERY case of shooting wild horses and/or burros is not only solved, but prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The failure of our government acting on their behalf is due to the public's perceived apathy. It is time that we speak out and let them know that we are NOT apathetic and we care deeply about the well being and safety of OUR wild horses and burros. The BLM has a webform available on their site for the public to make comments about the Wild Horse and Burro Program. Please also ask your Senators and Congressperson to direct the BLM to enforce and ensure the safety of our wild horses and burros on public lands. (While speaking to them please also express your support for the ROAM Act, HR 1018, and ask for their support in passing this bill to further protect our wild horses and burros from extinction.) For more information on how you can help or issues plaguing the program visit the website Save Our Wild Horses, sponsored by the AHDF, or the blog American Herds.


Anonymous said...

I am outraged that these shootings are not investigated and prosecuted. I would appear that the BLM and their employees condone this activity if not participate. According to your information, no one has been brought to justice for this practice.

C.Stone, Wild horse lover from WV said...

Regarding your suggesting that "The BLM has a webform available on their site for the public to make comments about the Wild Horse and Burro Program.", FORGET it--- the "form" does not work! [Neither does a similar comment form related to the Forest Service.]
Oh, it allows you to type your heart out, yet every one that I've tried {SEVERAL}, then spin & spin into hyperspace-- before returning to say "the address you typed no longer belongs to an active server" or 'we cannot connect you to the address domain, please check & retype the address" {& various perturbations of these}...

Even when I was attempting to use a BLM form designed for "emergent help in preparing for and adopting a wild horse before the Natl Adoption Day" on 9/26/09--- same thing happened!-- but it listed a telephone # for help....

When I called the "urgent help line, re: being prepared to adopt a horse by Sept 26"; I got to leave about a 20 second message, which then says to "push 1 if, push 2 if, push 3 if you want to record MORE"... well, I push '3' & go through whole menu of values a couple more times; eventually it replays MY original message...and says to push 3, to record more OR push (something) to be connected to a representative for 'help'.... Well, the LONGEST time I waited on an open, empty line was 20 minutes; obviously there was never anyone to answer me anyway.
ALL other government, BLM, Sec of Interior, FS, USGS, even President Obama phone lines simply say to call back during 'business hours'---on this Holiday weekend....(begun by at least Thursday)... some holiday, huh? or just return a 'busy or 'non-functioning' signal'! THEY ARE NOT LISTENING, THEY were NEVER listening!