Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why so Quiet?

I am sure some have noticed, or at least I hope they have, that I have been uncharacteristically quiet lately. It isn't that I have quit or took some much needed time off, but just a bout of depression brought on by the treatment of horses. I swear that every day I hear of some new atrocities and at some point it was bound to get to me and it finally did. I have NEVER been depressed like this before and I now have a new empathy and sympathy for those who battle it daily. It really made me question if I was crazy to ever think I could make a difference. It isn't that the depression has lifted, it is there as much today as yesterday, but I have decided I have whined about it enough and it is time to DO something. I got a phone call about an issue that was right up my alley, so I am back in the saddle again (so to speak).

I can say though, that I have noticed a decided lack of activity during my self enforced solitude. Which makes me wonder if I am truly crazy to try and tackle all these issues on my own. I know that we all have our own personal issues that we have to deal with and at any given time any one of us could be preoccupied with those issues. However, it is as though pretty much everyone has given up. I do know that in response to the posts I made before I hit rock bottom was greatly lacking in enthusiasm. It is as if everyone gave up and went home and fogot to tell the rest of us who have been working so hard for so long.

I know we have had some set backs, but we only lose if we quit. It is time to gather our strength and push past our disappointments and regain the momentum we had. It is time for the horses to finally have a victory. Trust me I know how difficult it can be to get there, but if we don't at least try we will never succeed.

I know that my post about a lack of funding I got exactly 1 response. One person who paid her membership dues. While I greatly appreciate that person, she can no more afford to keep AHDF afloat than I can. If we don't get more funding in we will lose our mailbox, our phone, our websites and we will cease to exist. Perhaps the handwriting is on the wall and I should just give up too. Forget about banning slaughter, forget about stopping soring, forget about working to end abuse and neglect, forget about our vanishing wild horses and burros, forget about all the good we have done. Just forget it all and stick my head in the sand and ignore what is going on around me. I certainly cannot do it alone and if people are counting on other organizations, many of whom have already quit in everything but name and fundraising only, they are going to be sadly mistaken. If AHDF goes under we will lose the most active organization in equine welfare, but perhaps nobody cares?

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