Thursday, April 2, 2009


Since 2007 Florida horse owners have had a problem. Someone has been stealing their horses and slaughtering them for their meat. The latest one was in Feb when the owner discovered her horse missing. She contacted the police immediately, but even after a search the horse wasn't located. A few days later the horse's body was found nearby, butchered. This is happening at a rate of one horse a week. The Humane Society of the United States is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction.

If anyone with a horse lives in Florida, especially near the Miami area, you should increase your vigilance to protect your horses. Net Posse has some great tips to prevent theft, and even AHDF has a few tips on our website. If your horse is stolen please notify the police ASAP. Arrocding to reports not all of the horses slaughtered were reported stolen.

If you live in Florida and someone comes to your door selling meat, do NOT buy it. It is possible that it could be horse meat. Selling or giving away horse meat is illegal in the state of Florida. Besides, those of us who follow the issue can tell you that horse meat is unsafe to consume for a variety of reasons. First, this meat has not been processed in a safe and healthy environment. Second, because horse meat contains many known carcinogens from wormer and other medications. Third, because this meat was obtained illegally and the people who owned the horses didn't consent to their slaughter and most are highly upset about the loss. If you are approached to buy the meat contact the police.

This is the most terrible crime. These people are not only stealing and murdering these animals, but they are taking the safety and security of the families from whom they are stealing. They are taking furry animal members from their families. I know not every one thinks of their pets as family members, but nobody has the right to decide that for anyone else. If one does consider them family members can you imagine how horrified and striken they are to find them dead with their bodies cut up? Nobody should do that to another.

Please be careful out there.

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