Thursday, January 8, 2009

Votes Needed

Recently hosted a program to allow people to add topics and vote on them. The top 3 topics in each area would get financial and lobby support from The horse slaughter issue was on the list. Unfortunately, there were 3 different groups posting the question, this split the vote and none of them moved to the next round. When I realized, 3 days before the vote cut off, that the wild horse issue wasn't even presented I quickly got it up. However, we failed to get the votes to move to the next round.

That doesn't mean the Obama administration won't hear your voice. It just means that the issues won't get the added support from The Obama administration does have their own site where questions can be proposed, voted on and answered. Currently, there are about 75-80 horse related questions posted that could use votes. Some are supportive of protecting the wild horses and banning horse slaughter and some are opposed. I think that everyone is smart enough to read and decide for themselves how to vote. I can say that on some topics, specifically the horse slaughter issue, the votes are running evenly between supporting and opposing.

If you are interested in voting or even proposing your own question you should go to put "horse" into the Search Questions box and you will see every question that mentions horses. Of course, you can also read and vote on other very interesting questions facing the administration as well, so it is a great tool to be heard.

The administration will answer the questions soon, so votes are needed. You will need to register to vote. This is a great opportunity to have your voice heard by an incoming administration and a way to advance our causes as a new president takes office.

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