Sunday, November 16, 2008

Action Needed

On Monday 10 November I posted about the GAO report. In that post I talked about how to protect the horses. However, the call for action was deep in the post, so some may have missed it. I know they have because today I got an email asking about the bill mentioned, which will probably get a vote tomorrow. The bill, which is an appropriation bill (governmental budget bill), WILL pass. It is up to us if it passes with bad things in it or if it passes the way we want it to. Below is the relevant part of the post.

For these reasons and many more it is imperative that EVERYONE contact their Congressperson and Senators and ask for answers. Nothing will answer these questions other than independent assessment of the wild horse and burro population and a full Congressional investigation. The American Herds report should be cited as a comprehensive investigation that shows that the BLM census numbers are not accurate, but not because they underestimate but because they are inflating the number of horses in the wild. Since there are such widely differing census numbers it is important to determine what the correct population is. Until such an assessment is done and until a Congressional hearing is held the BLM should be prevented from killing a single healthy animal in holding facilities. Wording should be included in the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act, S 3213 to prevent the BLM from using any of their budget to "euthanize" healthy animals. Please pass this along to your friends, relatives and anyone in your address book. The lives of over 30,000 horses depend on our voices, please do not let them die because the GAO failed to do its job properly or because the BLM improperly manages the program.

S 3213 also includes language that will remove the protections that Wild Horse Annie gained for the horses, by allowing the unlimited use of aircraft, including helicopters, to remove horses. It also changes their determination from Wild and Free-Roaming to "feral". Legally this is devastating to the protections of our wild horses and burros. This is found on page 107. An amendment can and should change this.

To find your Congressperson and Senators visit the Save Our Wild Horses website or the House and Senate websites.

I don't normally beg, but in this case I am BEGGING everyone to act, the fate of our wild horses depend on it. Remember that you can't ask that the bill not pass, you must ask for AMENDMENTS to the bill.

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