Monday, September 15, 2008

New Website Opens

The American Horse Defense Fund (AHDF) announces the new website is now live!

The website is designed to be a resource for information on wild horses and burros for the average person or for those looking for information on responding to the Bureau of Land Mangement's (BLM) public comment requests. The site serves as a repository of information no longer found on the BLM's website and other resources that users may find useful.

The site launch is especially important considering the recent announcement of the BLM that they are considering euthanasia as an option for wild horses and burros in holding facilities and on the range. The BLM is still considering removing even more horses from the range despite budget difficulties that they claim resulted in the need to consider euthanasia. Public comments are currently being accepted in a few herd areas and those wishing to comment may wish to research their responses on the new site.

The site includes information on how the public can help protect the horses, a section for children an extensive resources.

The launch is the culmination of months of work by the AHDF volunteer staff. The staff plans on adding more resources to enhance the use of the site in the coming weeks.

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