Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Off Topic Theft at AHDF

Yesterday I went to the Post Office to collect the mail for AHDF. I opened the box and noticed immediately that something was wrong. The mail was open, letters outside of their envelopes. I immediately spoke with the clerks on duty and they couldn't offer an answer as to what happened. The postmaster was out so I would have to go back. Today I went in and spoke with the Postmaster who is "very sure" it didn't happen at his post office, the mail had to be tampered with before it got there.

One thing that was determined is that the mail was delayed. One letter was postmarked the 4th of August and it didn't arrive until the 18th of August.

We have determined that 3 letters are unaccounted for. We don't know if they were donations or letters. There is simply no way for us to find out. We do know that one person who called AHDF was planning on sending a large donation. The loss of a single dollar is devastating to our budget.

The AHDF operates 100% on donations and volunteers. With those donations we operate the AHDF website, the Horse Care Online website (where people can find info on caring for horses and can ask questions), care for horses in foster care, work on legislation and much more.

We will be pursuing all legal options and working to find out what happened to our mail. It was never in a public place where it could be stolen. It was at a post office where all mail SHOULD be safe. It is just incredibly sad how some people act and how low they will stoop. Another reminder how our world has changed and how unsafe it is.


Anonymous said...

If mail is tampered with or damaged while "in transit" to its destination, the post office is required to put the damaged envelopes or packages in a sealed bag with information stating they received the item in this manner as it was damaged during processing. I sincerely hope you contacted the FBI in this matter and that the post master and staff is under investigation.

Anonymous said...

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