Sunday, March 9, 2008

DC Trip

I have heard from several folks who were able to make it to DC for the large gathering in support of the Horse Slaughter ban. I have heard nothing but excellent reviews and most were VERY happy they went. They all seem pleased that they were able to help the horses, learn a little about the legislative process and most are even reporting that they had what seem to have been productive meetings. All in all it seems like it was a VERY successful event and all the calls from those at home have also seemed to have had an impact. I have not heard of a single office that wasn't aware of the bill and its huge public support. Great job to all who went, called and made an impact.

I have had many private emails asking why I didn't attend. I had planned on not sharing to much personal information because usually it has no bearing on my work and I am actually a private person. However, this time rather than answering so many emails privately I would rather just say it once and not talk about it any more.

My daughter was pregnant with her second child. Her original due date was the end of March, so I had planned on going to DC and I would be home when she delivered. In January she began having problems. At that time they also changed her due date to the 14th of March. Because of the date change and the problems I had to make the decision not to go. On March 4th my daughter went to her regular doctor's appointment. They couldn't find the baby's heartbeat. I was called immediately to be with her and I went. On the 5th she delivered her son, who had passed away. While all this was going on my family also had to care for my wonderful granddaughter. At no point from the time my daughter heard the news until now did we feel comfortable with leaving my daughter alone. His funeral will be this coming week.

There is a great deal more to the story that I would rather not go into. I also do not post this for sympathy. It is simply an explanation on why I couldn't go and why I have not responded to emails as quickly as I normally do. I apologize for that, but often life steps in and we have things that are VERY important that we must deal with. I am working on planning a trip to DC in April and if anyone would like to join me I will be posting details when I have them.

Again, thank you for everyone's hard work and participation in last week's events and congratulations to those who participated (by going or calling in) and made a difference. As always I know we can and will make a difference if we don't give up.

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