Tuesday, June 12, 2007

AHDF off to Washington, DC Again

The American Horse Defense Fund will once again be heading off to Washington, DC the week of June 18, 2007. The purpose of the trip will be to educate members of Congress about the horrors and cruelty of horse slaughter.

AHDF's president, Shelley Sawhook, will be joining representatives from other organizations including the loosely based Friends of Barbaro, Red Horse Team and a representative of the Humane Society of the US. The goal of having so many different groups participating is to make a bigger impact and show Congress that there are many different organizations supporting a ban on horse slaughter.

The issue of horse slaughter is one of the many welfare issues that the AHDF focuses on each year. Other issues include abuse/neglect of horses, soring of gaited horses, PMU, nurse mare foals, wild horses and burros and owner education.

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